After several weeks of busting and reviewing scam software on the internet, we’ve finally discovered BinaDroid system, a software that appears very promising for traders. We have keenly analyzed this software and have found that it is indeed genuine. For this reason, we’ve decided to review it with facts to help you make the right decision as far as using this binary options app is concerned.

Product Name: BinaDroid App
BinaDroid Website:
BinaDroid CEO: Troy Everett
BinaDroidt Price: FREE

BinaDroid Review

Yes, the BinaDroid system is the type of program that you should fall for, as it is backed by proof, from any angle you decide to look at it. It even comes accompanied by a handful of features that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, even on legit programs.

When it comes to fake systems, at the most, they tend to provide 50% winning trades at best, which is definitely not sufficient in order to start making meaningful profit. You definitely need a higher percentage, which is exactly what the BinaDroid signals provides you and everybody else that is interested in making money in the binary options arena. It provides wins for almost 90% of trades, which is quite fantastic.

Features that Make this Software Worth your Investment

Like every other binary options software on the internet, this one is free to use too. But what sets it apart from the rest is the fact that it has very sound principles of operation. It is because of this reason that many traders who currently use it report a success rate of 80-90%.

So in this section, we will review the features of BinaDroid software and how helpful it can prove to be to any trader regardless of the experience they have.


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(a) Quality support

What traders have come to love about using BinaDroid signals is the kind of support they offer their users. All queries are answered in real time. They don’t put you on hold for long hours. They also have nothing to hide, thus they will answer your questions as honest as they can. Their support is 24/7.

(b) Works in every country

Instead of restricting BinaDroid to America, Canada, UK and Australia, the developer of this software says his signals can be used anywhere in the world provided one has an internet connection. Do not believe scams that fake it when they tell you their system is only restricted to a few countries and that everyone who is browsing their website is lucky to have their country included.

The fact is, trading binary options should be possible from any part of the world provided you have internet access.

(c) Minimum trade value of $5

Unlike many greedy brokers who insist that traders should only trade with a minimum of $25, BinaDroid has the lowest minimum in the industry. You can therefore trade with as low as $5, an investment that you will still end up doubling due to the 80-90% win rate that this software has.

(d) Nothing to download

This software works virtually on the cloud. You won’t be requested to download anything, and thus it won’t eat your bandwidth.

All you have to do is log into the system and start trading, period. Nothing else will be required of you.

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(e) 3 trading methods included

There are three different trading methods that BinaDroid uses at once. It is important to name them as a feature because most software you come across out there don’t employ them at all. If anything, those software turn out to be scams. No one bothers to give an explanation of how they work. However, BinaDroid has a sound explanation on how it works, and we can therefore trust it 100%.

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Technical Analysis Method

The most important thing to remember in this analysis is that history tends to repeat itself. And when it does in the world of financial markets, the price action of an asset will tend to move in any one of the 3 price trends. This is accompanied by the market’s action to discount on all invest-able assets. As a result, trades tend to turn out profitable regardless of market factors.

Fundamental Analysis Method

When a press release that has the potential of affecting the price value of an asset is examined, it gives investors a clue on which direction to take. Also, during this time, expert binary options traders will visit financial portals such as Google Finance to assess the situation.

This portal gives investors a clue on the state of a particular asset in the past, at present and in the near future, thus they are able to fundamentally analyze it for the profitability of all.


Sentiment Analysis

This analysis often involves an overview of the current state of a particular asset as viewed by a wide range of expert binary options audience. During this time, they will also view a class of similar assets and their future in regards to the financial market.

Composite predictions are based on the current price movement as well as volume of trade. This way, investors across the world can trade using informed decisions as opposed to trying their luck to win.

The three methods above have been combined by BinaDroid system to give a holistic software that addresses the challenges that many traders have experienced with scam software.

Is BinaDroid software a scam?

The Owner of this Software

The first thing to remember is that the owner of BinaDroid app is a known figure. He is not an imaginary personality. His name is Troy Everett, and from details of our investigations, we establish that he has build algorithms for several investment houses.

As for how BinaDroid came into existence, there’s a story to that. You see, he started working on the software some years ago when he was employed by a certain investment firm. Since he was a bright employee, the company stole his idea without compensating him.

But to avoid legal problems, he decided to come up with a second binary options alternative that would use even a better algorithm to execute trades in the financial markets. That’s how BinaDroid system came into existence.

No Fake Testimonials or Social Media Accounts

You can see that the main page of BinaDroid software doesn’t have fake reviews or testimonials slapped therein. You can also see that Troy Everett isn’t using any widget to lie about social media activities with regards to his software. There is not even a single red flag to point that this is not genuine.

He doesn’t bother about spamming his site with browser pop ups when visitors try to leave. In short, he doesn’t force anyone to join because he knows this is genuine.

He has also teamed up with a few reputable EU-regulated brokers who will never eat your money. Talk about Banc De Binary, OptionFM and a few more.

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This review just talked about some real facts concerning a rare software in the financial markets. Therefore, you have to make an informed decision based on what you’ve read in this review. But as for us, we’ve given our green light. Again, this software is safe, safe!

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