Bank Tracker Bot Scam Exposed!

Read out Detailed review we`ll provide countless evidence and explain why this binary options bot is dangerous!

Bank Tracker Bot is new money making opportunity associate with the binary options investment method! The alleged presenter is Michael George and he has some really good acting skills, that we can admit. That’s why the above mentioned service is considered as burning dynamite. For novice trader or online money opportunist, the convincing methods this person use can look pretty authentic. Don’t be fooled his skills are not associate with trading at any form, he just has the ability to speak well in front of a camera. Spare 2 mins and read our honest article.


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Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review! Truth revealed completely!

The first suspicious fact comes from the video presentation and how the things are explained. Mr. George is warming his audience with few cool stories of how financially freedom can open countless doors. Stories about the 1%ters, people considered to be the top of the world’s elite. In our opinion service presentations must contain information regarding the software and explanations of how the algorithm is working, instead of vocation stories. The approach of Michael is typical for most similar looking scams. He just wants to make you eager and push you into registration. You can buy this you can that, cars, houses, luxury toys, yes but first you need the money so let’s focus on making them.

How Bank Tracker Bot is working? According to the scarce intel exposed, the software trades bank stocks, such as: HSBC, Chace, Barclays, Deutsche bank, and other leading capital holding institutions. Truth is that the service is not even trading stocks. We made registration and actually just before you deposit money in this bogus application you can take a look at the trades this algorithm is executing. No stocks where appearing in there and actually when you click onto the Stocks menu its empty, we`ll provide a screenshot evidence!

In addition, we heard some really strange explanation from Michael George regarding the trading amounts this investment app is using to place positions. He claimed that the service is using all your budget to place trades! If this expansion turns to be true, we are dealing with extremely cruel trading system. Normally, traders are using 2% – 7% of their account balance to trade with, most binary options services allow you to pick the investment sum. If, the application really uses all your account to trade with then expect your money to be lost within a minutes!!!


Do hold trustworthy info?

No, the official page of The Bank Tracker Bot is full of bogus elements.

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  1. Tamara West form Canada, Andrew Fisher and the rest of the people you see on the entire website are stock photos. Those are not real members connected with this service, they are only invented identities aiming to rise the credibility of this system. Besides those phony testimonials we couldn’t find any real trustworthy feedback. The social medias are actually full of negative stories, and negative feedback.
  2. The service provides 98.7% success rate. More dreams, online markets are too unpredictable to be forecasted consistently above 80%! Close to 100% accuracy is impossible le to be achieved for long period of time!
  3. Uncovered with solid evidence claims of how the Bank Tracker Bot is endorsed by numerous of respected and highly reputed brands inside and outside of the financial niche. We visited few of the official pages of those companies: CNN Money, CNBC, BBC, IBM, Dell, Heineken, Swarovski, Toyota and so on. No endorsements where found or any words written about This software! Clearly exposing how the shady creators behind this service are using those brands without official permission!
  4. The software is announced to be the best trading solution for 2016 year. Who exactly rewarded this service with this price? There is no authority seal, and overall such awards are going to be given at the end of 2016. This is just another small scam element.
  5. Last but not least, the fabricated Facebook and twitter feeds! If those news feeds where real, you will be able to click on the names of those users and the system should redirect you into their real accounts. In this case everything is false, those comments are not legit and everything is one big deception.


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Conclusion On the Bank Tracker Bot !

Usually if the service you are watching at is legit, you won’t be able to find like countless fabricated elements in their official websites. A real working system will never buy fake testimonials or create members to support its credibility. You`ll never hear unrealistic estimated profits or crazy high accuracy rates. All those bogus facts are typical only for the scam binary options systems. Take for example NEO2 Software, by Dr. Jack Piers. The service requires no introduction, there are countless success stories of investors using it, easy to access and all around the web. We advise you to stay away from this cash bot, putting your money here will be disasters!

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