Auto Money Generator is a Filthy SCAM!

Read this investigation review before you decide to lose money!

Auto Money Generator is fairly new deceptive money stealing scheme! The official information exposed, explains how this is a well-made and reliable auto trading system. The reality however is far different then the intel contained in the video presentation! Binary Options Spot is monitoring all upcoming and current operating binary options software solutions; we would know If someone manage to make $2.2 million dollars with auto-trading robot. Even if we assume that we somehow missed that golden opportunity, other forums or blog websites will announce the staggering results. However, we are not observing such thing with this software, so stay with us and read this article, we might save your money!

Auto Money Generator Scam Review! The Truth!


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The website of this lame scam is looking terrible, everything is covered with voice over acting and besides the sales pitch video we have no more information what so ever! Our review aims to provide some undeniable proof of how this system is a scam!

How the software works?

After claiming all other auto trading or semi-auto trading solutions frauds and comparing them with “crap under the layer of nice words”. The voice over narrator claims that this particular service is different! The difference comes because here you`ll be experiencing 92% accuracy consistently and immediately after you sign your money issues will be gone forever! First this sounds too good to be true, because it is! Second no one can maintain 92% success rate for long period of time, no matter if we speak about human or algorithm.

We were almost lost hope that we will even get an explanation of how the algorithm operates, but miraculously at the end of the video the presenter spits like one sentence. Explaining how this software is based on chess algorithm! We don’t know why the scammer here, have decided to bring the ancient game of chess to the binary options scene but it’s bizarre and not true! Such algorithms are not applicable into the options trading at all, that is period!

Who is Paul Raven the presenter?

He is exactly no one! The man is hidden behind voice over acting and he is just a spokesperson. You can hire spokespersons for like $5 from online website called In addition to support our words we can say that Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, has never heard of this man. All the post, which appear related to this identity are associated with

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Any Testimonials?

In matter of fact, during the video we get few testimonials from real people! Well, real people but also paid actors. We`ll expose one of them since he is famous and he participate in many similar scams as “trustworthy” investor.

Snapshot with link providing evidence:


Estimated Profits?

Potential profits are bit unrealistic. The phony presenter claims that he made $2.2 million dollars. In addition, during the video few real people appear as testimonials, which also claim to be making amazing profits, but as we already know they are all fake identities, so it seems that everything is one big lie!

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Conclusion On The Auto Money Generator !

This product is just a typical lame money stealing scheme! One video all covered with voice over and few fabricated testimonials. That’s the whole concept of the system! We strongly advise you to stay away from this service, if you want to keep your money into your pockets! Investing here will not end up well!

In addition, also avoid Quantum Code, Mirror Trader and 7 Figure Months.

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