Altronix Trading Bot is scam. Important warning against subscribing to this Bot. Frank Saunders is a fictitious name. A name invented only to attract day traders into their web of scam

The Altronix Trading app is a very cleverly designed system that can apparently trade Binary Options based on the latest news reports or even just a tweet someone wrote about a company. The Altronix app can then supposedly immediately take action on the news post and make you millions. We’re going to be taking a good look at the claims made by Frank Saunders about the AltronixApp and try to make sense of what he’s saying.

Lately, the world of binary options trading has been characterized by scams everywhere. It appears each day there’s a new scam software being introduced into the market. In fact, it would be right to suspect that in every 5 software releases, only 2 are genuine.

With respect to this, there is this scam software that has recently got its way into the market. It goes by the name of Altronix App. It ridiculously claims that it will retire you from your day’s job in just 3 months of trying it out for free. The owners of this software claims that they created something out of an intelligent algorithm that could pick every Wall street rumor and convert it into cash before the big boys could ever pounce on the opportunity.

In other words, the maker of this software is saying that the average binary options trader out there will enjoy a leveled playing field with some of the biggest traders at Wall Street. We can take these claims with a pinch of salt. These days it’s hard to trust just about anything that the internet throws at you for a solution to your binary trading challenges.

Altronix App Review

In this full review of the Software, we will try do our best so you can get to see why you shouldn’t invest your hard-earned cash on this scam software.


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We have a collection of evidences to point that this is indeed a neat fraud that will be hard to detect — for most traders out there. But since you’re reading this review now, you should be rest assured that you will save your $250.

The ideals that Altronix App is using to market itself to the world

They make it sound so easy to get started with this software — which is the case anyway because they know you won’t find success in this bogus software.

They claim that Altronix App Software is for the none-technical trader who doesn’t have any experience trading binary options. They say the setup only takes minutes and you’ll be on your way to trading binary options on auto-pilot. But the truth is, once you get involved with this software, you will end up losing all your investment in the same easy manner that you were promised to make profits with this software. That’s why we cannot encourage anyone in this review to give this software any thought.

Endorsement by major news organizations and outlets

The website of the Altronix App Software comes across as bold and authoritative. We must say that there are no spelling errors this time round, presumably because the owner of this scam is from an English speaking country, not Russia or anything related to that.

He has decided to slap a few big names on the bottom of the official site to make his software appear convincing. He has even pulled some fake snippets from a few well-known news websites portraying how those outlets came to recognize his software.

Among the big brands he has mentioned include Bloomberg, CNN Money, CNBC, BBC and a couple more. But we want to warn people that all the quotes purported to come from these websites are fake. If you doubt it, you should contact any of the news organizations and they will gladly tell you that they’ve never even heard about Altronix App Software or anything related to it.

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The fake algorithm that scans news every time

Even Google has the most intelligent algorithm out there, but still things manage to slip past it unnoticed. We’ve seen bogus pages ranking on Google when they ought not to do so. This should make it clear that no algorithm can be perfect like the owner of Altronix App claims. Altronix App Software is not an exception here.

They say it scams, monitors, analyzes and trades your binary options with greater accuracy that can only make you profits.

They claim it monitors social media news 24/7 a day, thus users are able to make profits each time they engage the software. But the truth is, no software in the market will be able to accurately follow news and social media tidbits like they claim. No one has ever owned such an intelligent binary options software before. They can’t be the first people to own such a software anyway.

Therefore, do not be convinced to use Altronix App Software just because you were told you’d profit from every story and news on social media. If you bank on this, you will soon realize that these claims were only sales gimmicks. They are nothing other than unique selling points of this particular software.


The unrealistic amounts you’re able to make on a daily basis

Now the truth comes out when the owner of this software lies that you can make between $5,000 to $10,000 a day when you invest a lot of money. But on the lowest end, you’d make $500 when you trade with $250. While this may be true, the first claim of making up to $10,000 is just not possible with a software that has no reputation like Altronix App Software.

Is Altronix App a Scam?

Definitely it is because we don’t even know the real owner of the software. We have only learned that his real name is Frank Saunders, and that he has been trading successfully online for years. That’s all we can get when we search for his name on the internet.

But then, this information can only be gotten at his official Altronix App website. No other records of him are available anywhere on the internet, including the media outlets that he has falsely mentioned in his site.

So it is very possible that Frank Saunders is a faceless personality who is only trying to capitalize from desperate newbie traders who want to make money off binary options.

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Altronix App signals will mislead you no matter how well some reviews portray this software on the internet. Altronix App scam remains a scam just like it has been stated in this review. There is no question of whether or not you should try it. Unless you’re willing to lose your $250, we authoritatively state that you must refrain from Altronix App Software.


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