We warrn you in this review that Alpha Money Generator is a Scam.Being presented as a new Swiss online money program, with the promise that it will trade for you and make you richer than you can imagine. The Alpha Money Generator system uses a lot of deception and false information to attract the sort of people who might believe that they will be able to make money fast with an auto trading software.

What Is the Alpha Money Generator About ?

The Alpha Money Generator App is an automatic trading robot. It works with web based software, so there is no need for any downloads. It can operate on a smart phone, a tablet or a computer and you only have to click once to begin auto trading.This free App is being offered, for only a limited time, by Florian Samuel, a portfolio investment banker. He “guarantees” that it will generate up to $2,500 per day in profits, from an initial deposit of $250. He even promises that you will become rich extremely fast and you will no longer have to work after four months of auto trading with Alpha Money Generator signals!

Is the Alpha Money Generator System A Scam ?

Alpha Money Generator

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This software uses high performance computing for alpha and quantitative analysis. According to Florian Samuel, it copies a system which has been used successfully by big fund managers over the past twenty years, and he claims that this Alpha Money Generator system has not been affected by world events. This seems very unlikely, because it is a fact that investment funds everywhere were affected badly by the global economic downturn, which was caused by poor banking practices.If you sign-up for the Alphamoneygenerator.com website with your name and email address, a customer service representative will contact you and you will be instructed to choose one of the binary options brokers selected to work with Alpha Money Generator App.

When you have registered for a new account with a broker, you will need to deposit at least $250. When you click on the auto trading button, this allows trades to be placed for you by the robot and you will have to trust it to place your money on winning trades. A 94% success rate is promised by Alpha Money Generator program, but this will not be the actual win rate when it is your money that is being placed on real trades.

Proof That Alpha Money Generator App is a Scam!

You only have to read the real review facts to get the answer to your question: “Is Alpha Money Generator a scam?” This is not a genuine money making opportunity and our review exposes the truth about what is really going on with this scam.The CEO of Alpha Money Generator site, Florian Samuel, claims to have been working as an investment portfolio developer in Switzerland for the past 8 years. He says in the video that he now works for free as a consultant and he is giving away this software so he will have a higher profile when he applies for a place on the Economic Board of the European Union!

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If Florian Samuel was a real person, he would be doing everything possible to build a strong reputation online. Our review research shows that he has no personal profile or any career history on the Internet. His company has no official status recorded anywhere else online. The only actual account of this man is in the words of an actor who has been hired to take part in the Alpha Money Generator video.Other actors also appear in the video, and they are supposed to be seen giving a personal Alpha Money Generator review. They are obviously repeating a script because they all tell a story about how they once had very little money and now they have hundreds of thousands in the bank. In each review they talk about what they are going to do with the money in future. If these were genuine people, they would not have kept all the profits in a bank account for months without spending any of it up to now!

An old man is heard to say in the video that every trade so far has been successful. This is not possible when trading for real with automated software. Even the best binary options signals will result in a small percentage of losing trades. His false statement just proves that the man in the video has been hired to promote a scam.The prices of assets rise and fall according to supply and demand and other influences on the markets, but it is clearly stated in the video that the trading system used by Alpha Money Generator software is not affected by market cycles or by what is going on in the world! There is no verifiable information about how profits are being made from binary options. You are just promised that the system does not fail. This is more evidence that there is nothing realistic or believable about the Alpha Money Generator scam.

The presentation is all about the lifestyle you can have when you become mega rich, and the proposition of becoming a self-made millionaire. There is a lot of nonsense in the video about Swiss banks and how you could soon become one of those wealthy clients with millions in a secret Swiss bank account. None of that has any real relevance to risking your own money on trades made by automated robot.

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Conclusion – The Alpha Money Generator Software is Scam !!! Avoid ..

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The Alpha Money Generator website has been set up to look as if it is a licensed business, located in Switzerland. The Certificate of Incorporation on the website could easily have been faked and there is no reason to show it, except in an attempt to make a scam business appear legitimate.The amount of faking and deception, which we have exposed in this review, proves that there is nothing genuine about Alpha Money Generator system.

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