Alpha Money Generator is a new trading platform. We have received series of requests from clients to review this new trading app. Fabian Samuel is the creator of the trading app and he claimed that his bot could generate huge profits for its users. What we gathered from the review is that Alpha Money Generator is full of techniques, strategies, as well as useful tips that can make its users to generate huge income. He said that every user has the chance of becoming rich using his trading robot. According to him, his apps take advantage of deficiencies in the binary options market and create unique opportunities for its users to earn money.

The creator claimed that his app has been making money for his clients for the past one year. We advise that before you apply any trading system like, you have to verify its claims to be sure that you are not fed with wrong information. It does not seem that the app has been in existence for the past one year and that people have been making money with it. You need to investigate further to get the truth about the robot.


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Samuel claimed that anybody could use his app to earn money free. Again, we suggest that you should not be carried over by this, because we have come over a review that claims that you cannot use the app free. We are able to discover that before you use that trading bot that you must fund your account with the sum of $250, just like several others. We are not aware of anything about the app that is given to you free.

Before you fund the live trading account, you should crosscheck the authenticity of your investment; we have come across a review that said that you cannot have access to your live trading account after you have funded the account.

The technical tool may not be actually free in the true sense of that word. It can only be free when you use the trading robot without spending even a penny. If you are planning to use this app, you have to check every piece of information it delivers to you to ensure that everything is correct.

Why Alpha Money Generator is a Scam?

Who is Fabian Samuel?

The creator of the app, Fabian Samuel was nowhere near the binary options market. It is certain from the narration about his trading app that he was completely disconnected from the financial assets market. He said that traders should forget about fundamental, techniques, as well as technical analysis. He said that basic trading skills are not necessary. This is where we part way with this software, no matter the accuracy of any trading app; you should need those basic trading skills to guide you in taking important decisions. Moreover, we doubt the existence of Fabian Samuel because available evidence at our disposal does indicate that the name was not genuine. Any image of him you see anywhere was simply copied from another website. If Samuel is real, there should have been a lead about him on either the social media websites or the internet there is none about him. If he was successful as he said, there should have been information about him on internet discussion forums.


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There is no explanation about how Alpha Money Generator works!

After watching the video narration and studying the website, we cannot get anything about how the trading bot works, especially how it derives its signals. Samuel uses fantastic words to deceive people into using his trading robot without providing useful information about how the users will succeed with the app. This simply shows that the system is a scam. The most interesting thing traders often look out for when they need a trading app is to understand how such app generates its signals.

Misleading Information

As said earlier, Samuel Fabian claimed that his system has been in existence since last year, but available evidence points to the contrary Whois check indicated that this app was just introduced to the market. This means that the claims of making millions over the years have been discredited. The question is why Samuel and his team decide to mislead prospective investors by using fake information. If you were actually influenced to use the app by the information you got about them, then you have to think of alternative.

Fake Testimonials

It may be disappointing, but the reality is that the testimonies shown on the robot were not original. Samuel purchased the photos from other people. This means that those who claimed to have used it did not test the app. If it was, it will do the creators good to provide evidence that the app was pre tested before it was brought to the public for use. Why should Samuel deceive people with fake earnings? Producers of profitable apps do not waste time in providing verifiable evidences that their apps are genuine this is not the case with Alpha Money Generator.


It is not Endorsed Anywhere

If you are looking for a profitable trading app, you have to check for quality endorsement. There is nowhere on the internet Alpha Money Generator was endorsed by reputable endorsement websites. This is a huge minus. It is apparent that it was not endorsed because it was scam. However, there are one or two positive reviews about the app that you can see on the internet. You should not be surprised by that. Usually makers of fake bots engage people to write fake reviews for them. Be sure that such reviews were paid for. You should not be deceived by such reviews.

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You have seen sufficient reasons you should never use Alpha Money Generator. If you are thinking that it is going to make you money, you have to think twice, because you cannot earn anything by using this scandalous app.



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