The Noble Brandon Graham, founder and CEO of Alive in 5 is a show off with fake claims! All we could see is traders becoming “sorry in 5” if they register for this software. All the riches Brandon Graham paraded in the sales video presentation is to feed the human innate need to be wealthy. Who does not want money, wealth and health? This sales presentation psychologically feeds to that side of the human mind with the touch of nobility. What a setup!! Anybody already invested in this scam binary options trading app will confirm this in the first 5 minutes, wouldn’t they?! So why do we call this a scam, you must be wondering. In this Alive in 5 review we will break them down one by one so you are clear of what is being communicated before you invest your money in this binary options system. Hang on to that $250 for another 10 minutes. You can thank us later and not be sorry in 5. Here we go!

Alive in 5 Scam

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Scam Red Flag #1: Bogus News


Do you see Brandon Graham or Alive in 5 in the news? Such a bogus to slap their group picture in the news article to make it look real. Anyone just passing through the presentation and not noticing closely would totally miss this. There starts our proof to claiming that Alive in 5 is a scam!

Scam Red Flag #2: Limited spots

Brandon Graham can only admit 25 people to have a copy of “Alive in 5”. We understand in some cases there needs to be restrictions if it is related to training, testing an unstable system or any other legitimate reasons. But in this case, Brandon has not provided a valid reason for this restriction. He just claims he has only 25 copies for the “smart and deserving people”. Scam!

Scam Red Flag #3: Available exclusive to your area

The founder said this over and over again in the beginning of the presentation. “This is available exclusively in your area only and not global!” Then how is someone from Indonesia heard the same thing, another from UK, another from Bulgaria. Just claiming exclusivity does not truly mean exclusive. Lies!! They want to make someone feel that they have been provided with special opportunity. Again striking the psychology of the human mind. Scam!

Scam Red Flag #4: Unrealistic Profits and Testimonials

No binary options system can generate $1000 in five minutes. With $250 initial investment, it is only a smoking mirror and unrealistic expectation. Brandon Graham wow-ed some many people “showing” about making $1000+ in 5 minutes. Then they showed how he helped a homeless person change his life, from broke and homeless to over $300,000 in 6 weeks! In 6 weeks! Give us a break. It is VERY unbelievable to rack up some numbers like that. There is no working system to prove that, just their words. Don’t believe it, it is all a scam!

Scam Red Flag #5: Bank account vs. Broker account


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All the accounts shown in this presentation were of bank accounts. They did not show the broker accounts. Every trader knows only when withdrawals are made the amount gets transferred. So why not show the broker account? It is suspicious. Even for beta testers they did not show their broker accounts, only bank accounts. We are not saying that it is scam to show bank account amounts but every trader made a withdrawal knows that the method of withdrawal is same method as payment. If someone paid through credit card, their withdrawals go to credit card. Our job is to flag anything suspicious. Showing just the bank accounts and not broker accounts is suspicious. Beware! For all we know, this very much looks like scam.

Scam Red Flag #6: “Deposit in the next 2 minutes” pressure


We went ahead and registered (disclaimer: did not fund the account!). Guess what? Brandon went on and on. He mentioned that the broker account needs to be funded in the next 2 minutes. Wow, what a sales pressure! Like we said before, this presentation has been nothing but all kinds of hype – modern age hype.

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Alive in 5 Review: Conclusion

From sales pressure, to fake claims, unbelievable profits and testimonials, (most probably) fake girlfriend to fake riches, we do not buy this even for a minute. It did not take even 5 minutes for us to know this is all fake. We could smell this a mile away! Alivein5 is a BIG scam!!

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Alive in 5 Software is a very dangerous scam. If you subscribe to this software, you will sadly not be extending your earning powers, but only extending your debts. This very expensive and fancy production will definitely be the cause of many people getting trapped in a binary options jungle. We hope that you heed our advice and avoid falling into this trap of blatant scam.

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