If you think that Magnetic Profit System can make you money, then wait for this review. You will see that the system is a scam, and the creator acknowledged that. Silversmith is the person behind the software. It appears that the aim of the app is not to help investors make money, but to make money from investor’s pockets. It was motivated by scam systems, which the creator claimed that he has been investigating.

Silversmith claimed that he was not a professional trader, and that he learned binary options trading by investigating various scams in the industry. Claims like this cannot go unchallenged. One may ask how silversmith knows that an app is a scam, if he did not know about the investment market. It is apparent that this story has failed to fly, and it is sufficient to blacklist Magnetic Profit system because it is a scam.

At best, it can be said that Silversmith studied scam apps and found that it is lucrative and decided to invest in that to make money for himself. MagneticProfit.co is not different from fraudulent apps, which he claimed that he was investigating.


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Does it not beat your imagination that somebody who has no prior knowledge of binary options market is to create a system that can earn you 11 million dollars in one year? This is a sign that the system is nothing but a scam. We are used to this fake information in the past. Do not lay credence to any app that claims to make you millions within a short time. Such claims clearly show that Silversmith does not know anything about the workings of the financial assets market.

He sounds so confident in his apps such that he claims to give $50,000 if the app failed to make you the millions. Nobody should be deceived by such information. If actually his system earns that amount of money, he fails to tell us how his apps generate its signals. Professionals are interested in an algorithm; it appears that the app has none. We are not surprised at that because it was not based on any scientific knowledge.

Why Magnetic Profit is a Scam?

Who is Silversmith?

Silversmith the purported founder of the app does not exist. There is no evidence that shows that such a person actually exists. In any way, the man did not even provide an opportunity to identify his identity, because he purposely refused to disclose his second name. Producers of trading do not hesitate to disclose their real names because they are proud of what they have produced. We had expected that Silversmith could have provided the opportunity to verify his identity. We checked authority sites on financial assets market and we did not find any person with such a name. It simply boils down to the fact that the name does not exist. This is a sign that the app is another scam. You should stay away from the system.

Magnetic Profit is an Affiliate Product

It is not surprising vigor employed in the promotion of the product. Silversmith markets it aggressively because he earns commission anytime sales are made. More copies he sold the more commission he makes. This is why he employed all known tricks, tactics, and lies to deceive people into using the app. From the cheap lies, it is clear that the system was targeting new traders.

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Magnetic Profit system is NOT Free

Do not believe the lie by Silversmith that he is given you his trading app free. This is a lie, if it is free; it means that you can use the app to trade a live account without spending your money in the process. This also means that you can use your preferred broker. This is not the case with this software. If you register for the app, it will send you to a broker where you are required to deposit $250 to fund your live trading account. You see, it is not free; you must commit your resources before you are allowed to use the app.


Proof: https://www.fiverr.com/websitevideo

Are you going to Make Money through this App?

Instead of making money through Magnetic profit software, you are going to lose what you already have. First, they will demand a down payment of $250 to fund an account with an unknown and unregulated broker. If you accept that, it will be the beginning of your woes with the scam app. It will wipe away your account, and if you fund the account with a debit or credit card, you will notice an excess surcharge and subsequent billing. It is advisable not to disclose your credit card information to this scam website.

Artificial Counter

We discovered that Magnetic Profit has adopted the same old strategy adopted by other scam apps. It uses fake counter to confuse and force you to use the app. It creates the impression that the app will soon become scarce, as limited copies are available. Do not be deceived by that, copies will continue to be available. To be convinced that the system is scam reload that page and you will see the counter beginning to count again from top down.

Fake Testimonials

Perhaps the best evidence that convinces you about this scam is the false testimonials. We have checked at the testimonials and discovered that they are all fake. They are paid actors. Compare the man in this video with Gold Trade Microsystems; you will see that they contain the same people. This is a clear sign that it is a scam.

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Conclusion – Magnetic Profits is a Scam.

If you were planning to use Magnetic Profit System, then you have to think again because available evidence shows that it is a scam. Do not waste your money here; instead check profitable apps that can make you money. We have many of them here.


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