98 Success is not a binary options winning software, but a scam winning Oscar. Henry D’Souza the alleged fonder and CEO of the  98success.co introduces us to his video, already putting unnecessary pressure tactics to join his scam band wagon.

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Notice that at the outset you we are told that 96 subscriptions have already been gobbled up, and hanging in the widget box are just 4 spots left for the first miserable trader who dares go for the hook line and sinker.

Since the 98 Success System is expected to be launched today, we find it strange to put in so much work for just four additional traders.  The point that is trying to make, it that this scarcity counter widget is completely fake, and unlimited number of scam spots are still definitely available for anyone who has $250 to throw away.


Site under investigation and scrutiny is 98Success.co

The 98 Success software also known as the 98% success system with the kitchsy introductory pop up, scaremongering that only 4 places are left smells of scam.  A trader does well to be cautious and stay away from this system, which has other signs of scam and which we will now proceed to expose.

In all the time that we have been reviewing trading assets and signal software systems, which have either been legitimate or scam, we can guarantee that we have never come across a system that claims close to perfection, which actually works, and which is not scam.  High probabilities of success should never be guaranteed by serious developers, for the simple reason that robots cannot evaluate sentiment analysis of a pulsating market.  This is when the robot fails.  Moments, where there is important news to be announced in the economic calendar, or natural disasters, which bring down Central Banks, all affect currencies and market, and Robots are only programmed too work on the constant and trending market.  A robot has no sentiment, and therefore cannot analyse impending disasters and price drops.  Therefore to claim that the 98 Success System is close to be infallible is close to confirming that it is a lie.  Even a team to top analysts in wall street, who are constantly evaluating the markets, are unable to reach a success level or more than 80% success.  This little FREE ROBOT will certainly not do the job.

More Scam Tactics by the 98 Success System.

If one takes a look at the verification badges being posted on the site, and you try to click on them, you realize that these are fake badges.  There are mere decorations put on the site, to lull you into the false sense of security.  There are no connections between the 98success.co site and any of these impressive security names.  They have been added to crate an assurance that is almost 98% credible but in fact like this software, it is not.

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Fake Testimonials by paid actors.

If the fake badges were not enough, we also get a  good dose of paid actors who are all vouching their incredible success using the 98 success system  We sadly have to expose the fact, that these are all fraudulent testimonials.  Photos of the same actors used in other fake testimonials can be found in our scam review for Dream Profits

One gets the impression that both scams are orchestrated by the same people.  The Dream Profits, which was exposed some weeks back, has raised considerable alarm through the wave of complaints received by us about money being lost using this system.  It would appear that the developers, not having been satisfied with the money the stole with the Dream Profits scam, that they are now ready to strike again with the 98% Success System.


Another glitch for negligence.

In the testimonial section D’Souza shows us the paypal accounts of his clients.  The truth be told, is that no binary options brokers works with PayPal and therefore all the balances you are seeing are fake and cannot be validated.

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Conclusion for the 98 Success or 98% success system ~ It is scam.  It will pay you to avoid it and save yourself your hard earned cash.

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