1K Daily Profit is one of the newest trading apps to be released to the financial investment world. The creator of the trading app, John Becker claimed that those who were emailed about the system were blessed few, because they have an opportunity to make money, which were not available to other people. He claimed that the trading app could guarantee a daily income of at least $1000. This means that with this trading app, you can earn as much as $30,000 every month and this will translate to $365,000 in a year. He claimed that he and his colleagues discovered and cracked a code that can help everybody to earn from financial crisis.

Since the release of 1KDailyProfit.com, we were receiving requests from our readers who want to hear a word from us before they make a decision on whether to use this trading app or whether they cannot use it. We have reviewed the app, and believe that we have sufficient information that can make anybody to stay away from the app.


We found that every information provided in this software is nothing but misleading. After watching the video and reading the site content, we assume that 1K Daily Profit is an abuse of what the binary options trade is all about. Starting with the app, we discovered that many things about the app do not make sense at all, and these point to the fact that it is a scam. Take a closer look at the image shown and you will observe the obvious contradictions. The trade shown does not make sense, especially the first trade, which was shown to have a future expiry date, but that trade was closed and even won. Do you observe that? In addition, what do you have to say about it? This is a clear sign that this system is one hundred percent scam.

Perhaps if you find the first page funny, turn to the second screen and you will discover that the app is a complete abuse of what the binary options market actually stands for. New binary trade has older expiry dates than the one before it. The worst is that the total trade could not even match with the total number of trades shown in the trading app. These are clear indications that 1K Daily profit is a scam, which other proof do you need to become convinced that you are dealing with a scam system.

Why 1k Daily Profit is Scam?

False Identity

Apart from those evidences that we have displayed above that convince you that 1K Daily Profit is a fraud, you can check the identity of all those featured in the app, and you will discover that they are stolen from other websites. This indicates that these people do not actually exist. Starting from the founder of the app, John Becker, we have discovered that he does not exist. We are sure that the photo of the man shown as John Becker was brought from shutterstock.com photos. They simply copied it from there and put it on the website. For the fact that you are dealing with a fake identity, it is certain that the app has lost its most important credibility. If you search the image on the Google, and other search engines, you would discover that the image appeared in different other places. This means that the people behind the app were behind similar fraudulent trading apps.

Fake Actors

If you search further, you will discover that the trading app also used other fake people to prove its earning ability. We are sure that there are fiverr.com actors here. We have identified two of them in this robot. Two testers shown were all taken from fiverr.com, and they were paid $5 each for promoting falsehood. The first beta tester does not disclose his name, but we managed to discover that he actually was a fiverr.com paid actor who has featured in other systems we have reviewed in the past, which include Quick Cash Plan and the Automated Cash App. You can look at the images closer and compare them with what you can in the two apps just mentioned, and you will discover the truth.

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Secondly, when you look at the second tester, you will also discover the image is familiar as he featured in some of the discredited app reviewed. The person also featured in two apps such as Epic Winner

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and Gold Trade Microsystem. For the fact that these fake testers were presented, it has done deadly damage to the system.


Proof: shutterstock.com

False Claims

We can confidently say that all the claims of earning using the app are not realistic, because it is not verifiable. We can say for sure that the screenshots were prepared using a photoshop technology. This is a clear sign that you are dealing with a false trading app, and it can never earn you an income.

1k Daily Profit does not Disclose its Signals Method

1K Daily Profit does not disclose how it generates those winning signals it will send to its members. It claims that it has discovered the loopholes in the financial market world and that the app will simply crack it to discover these codes. This information is false and misleading. It simply shows that the app creators do not know anything about the financial market and how it works. There is nothing hidden to be cracked, it is a term they use to deceive people into investing in the fake trading app.

Can You Earn Money using the App?

If you think that you are going to win the trade using the trading app, you are mistaken because it was not meant for anybody to earn money but to steal money from you. Have you asked how many people have made money using this trading app. The truth is that nobody has earned a dime, instead of earning you are going to lose your investment.

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If you think that 1K Daily profit is a profitable app, you are wrong. The information above is sufficient to convince you that it is the worst trading app. If you want to make money, you can think of another app and not this one. It is one hundred percent scam.


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