Charles Peterson’s 10 Day Social Profits is the latest auto-trading app to hit the market. Since its release to the market, we have been receiving requests from several people to review the trading system. We owe this as an obligation, so if you were planning to use this trading system, read this review to see reasons not to waste your money.

We checked information provided in and the demonstration video, and we are convinced that it is one hundred percent scam. We have tried as much as we can to reveal some of the hidden truths about this scam system. What can you say of a system that steals and uses people’s profiles at will to create an impression of profitable earnings? We have discovered that 10 Day Social Profits stole pictures from the internet and represented them as their members.

We are able to confirm that the founder of the trading app, Charles Peterson does not exist. The image he uses was copied from It appears that all the actors used in the system were all from Furthermore, we discovered all the lies paraded by Peterson and his team to deceive unsuspecting traders. We are going to disclose all the lies and tricks used by the software to force to path with your hard earned money. All you need to do is to keep reading as we unravel those red flags.


Charles claimed that he would be offering his system free for the first ten days and after that you can decide whether you want to use 10 Day Social Profits or not. If you watch the video, especially towards the end of the video narration, you are going to discover another contradiction from the same actor, saying this time that the software would be available for the first 31 days. What do you have to say of this confusion? As far as we are concerned, the software is not free and it will never be free. If you are waiting to get the trading app free, you are going to wait for a very long time. It is not meant to be free because you must invest at least $250 of your hard earned money before you can use the trading system.

Why 10 Day Social Profits is a Scam?!

False Claims

If you watch the video presentation, you will observe that Charles Peterson was only reading scripts already written for him. We doubt whether the scripts readers were actually a binary options trader. If he were, he would not have been making the type of claims he made about 10 Day Social Profits. He claimed that the app could generate at least $800 daily for its owners. What bothers us most is the claim that you can make those earnings irrespective of your investment capital. We found this claim unattainable. He claimed 97.3 percent winning rate if you use the trading app. This is not possible. It is only a scam system that guarantees such profit and winning rate. If you believe the app on the strength of this claim, then you are bound to lose your investment.

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Fake Testimonials

We have talked about fake testimonials in the introductory part of this review. Everybody used in this trading robot does not exist. Peterson decided to purchase fake people as beta testers, because he has no real testers to show for the app. This tactic is used to deceive traders into believing that the software is doing very well, especially those traders who do not have time to crosscheck systems before they begin to use it. Usually newbie traders are the target. They can hardly get experienced traders to fall to such trick.

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There is No Customer Support

Another weak point that you are going to discover and which indicated that 10 Day Social Profits is a scam is lack of customer support. One of the effective ways of determining whether an app is working or not working is the customer support. You can do this by posing them question and wait for a response. If you send them hundred questions, you should be sure that you are not going to get any response for any of the questions. Their support department is simply dead and they do not care how their customers fare. They do not care because they are only interested in your money and not whether you are doing well with the app or not. They know that you will never do well with their app.

Lack of Trading Algorithm

If you check through the website, you would discover that they lack any standard trading algorithm. It is likely that if you go ahead to use the app, that you are going to suffer from low levels performance. If you invest in the app, you are likely going to lose all the balance in your live trading account. 10 Day Social Profits is integrated with horrible algorithm. Most profitable trading apps on the market today feature those working systems such as Chart Pattern recognition as well as Fundamental Analysis technique and several others. When you check this trading app, you are going to observe that these are not integrated to the system. This simply shows that it does not work based on any recognizable trading algorithm, and that it is one hundred percent scam.

When you check all these, you begin to wonder from where Charles Peterson will derive the $10000 it promises you to earn if you use their trading system. It also shows that the purported 97 percent ITM performance paraded by Charles and his team is not realistic. Professional traders know that it is not realistic.

Charles Peterson claimed that his trading app has been earning money for its users since 2009. However, we are able to confirm that the trading app was released just December last year. This is a blow to the system because it has not shown us from where it has been earning the money it claims that it members were making since 2009 from the trading system? Every information available about this website is false and you are not going to earn even a dime by using this scam trading app.

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You have seen enough reasons in this review why you should never use this fake trading app. It is one hundred percent scam, and it is not meant to earn you money.



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